Commercial Cleaning Service Calgary

Commercial Cleaning Service in Calgary

Innovative Cleaning Solutions for Healthy, Happy Businesses

Calgary Commercial Cleaning Services

Welcome to KLEEN XPAT Professional Cleaning Services

If you want your property to give the best first impression, KLEEN XPAT is the answer. 


Whether it’s a retail store, medical office, daycare, fitness centre, or office building, we have experienced commercial cleaners to service you.


A clean work environment boosts morale, increases productivity, and improves your corporate image.


Our mission at KLEEN XPAT is to provide innovative commercial cleaning solutions for your business. We are committed to creating a clean environment that promotes health and wellbeing.


We offer eco-friendly commercial cleaning options without compromising effectiveness.


We can work with the needs and budgets of every company.

Commercial Cleaning Service Calgary

Commercial Cleaning Calgary

Make A Great First Impression

Office Cleaning

A clean office is an important first impression. It enhances your image and sets a high standard for your business.  


We’ll take care of cleaning every part of your office.

Protecting your patients and preventing transmission of diseases is our priority. Our cleaning agents are carefully selected and meet Health Canada recommendations.

Medical and Dental Clinic Cleaning

Pharmacies and grocery stores provide essential services to the community. With the high traffic in these spaces, we know cleaning and durability is important.

Pharmacy and Retail Business Cleaning

School and Daycare Cleaning

We are devoted to the well-being of young people. Whether you run a private or public school or daycare, we will take care of cleaning and sanitizing washrooms, gyms, and classrooms.


We know a clean school environment makes learning easier.

Recreational and Fitness Centre Cleaning

People go to the gym to take care of their health – high quality cleaning services help prevent the spread of germs and promote health and wellness.

Commercial Cleaning Service Calgary

KLEEN XPAT Commercial Cleaning Services

Healthy, Happy Businesses at Any Budget

Call us for a free initial consultation. Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


After a consult, we’ll:

Office Building

Schedule a meeting to understand your needs

High School Exterior

Perform a walk-through of your business or workplace

Hospital Bed

Work with you to develop a cleaning plan, budget, and schedule that meets your business needs

Calgary Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Budget and Schedule

KLEEN XPAT is founded on research and expertise. Our specialized team is thorough and committed to innovation.


Our goal is to promote health and hygiene in the workplace.


Our Values:

  • You can count on our expert team of commercial cleaners to get the job done.

  • We are committed to making your workplace a healthy, happy place, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Satisfaction: We guarantee your business will be sparkling clean.

Jafar Dauda

Founder and CEO

Commercial Cleaning Service Calgary

Jafar has a B.Pharm. degree and is qualified as a Clinical Pharmacist in Alberta. Jafar has worked in Calgary for many years and knows the city well.


Jafar started KLEEN XPAT to meet the growing need for commercial cleaning. He is passionate about helping businesses improve well-being by providing a clean workplace. Commercial cleaning requires expertise and research to get the job done. The experienced commercial cleaners at KLEEN XPAT are dedicated to giving your space a new lease on life at an affordable price.

KLEEN XPAT Commercial Cleaning Services

Make Your Business Shine